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Tracking Psychic Experiences

Everyone is psychic.

There, I said it. Call it intuition, call it emotional sensitivity, call it whatever you want. I truly believe everyone has the capability to tune in and receive extrasensory information on some level. I think we've gotten really good at turning off and numbing ourselves out to these messages, but the potential is there. I see these skills as just that, skills. Some people are born perhaps more attuned initially, while others may need to put in some serious elbow grease to develop. Ellen Dugan goes into detail about this topic in her book The Natural Psychic. She is fabulous.

One of the coolest tools I've discovered for my own practice is a tracking journal. Something similar to a dream journal I suppose, I keep notes on several recurring circumstances surrounding my psychic experiences. Over time, I'm able to see patterns emerge that actually help me practice specific skills and fine tune my abilities. 

For example:
Most of my life's sleeps have been dreamless. I chalk it up to insomnia and other struggles tapping into that beautiful REM phase, but that's just me. After a few months of mindfully preparing for sleep each night, I found that I could not only dream, but receive direct answers to questions I'd pose before settling in for the night. I developed a simple ritual to prepare my mind and body for the long nap. This included meditating on an issue or some feedback I wanted clarity on before I drifted off. Not only am I strengthening my clairvoyance, but I'm actually able to fall asleep more quickly. Unexpected bonus!

When I first started recording my experiences, I wrote everything down in a blank notebook. It was great to have the space to doodle and fill in follow-up info., but I found it tedious to rewrite the same factors over and over. An example entry might look something like this:

Ritual or setup performed to trigger the experience:
Tools used to trigger or during the experience:
Emotional state leading up to and/or during experience: 
Description of the experience:
Conclusion of the experience:

You'll probably want to personalize the data for your own needs. I would suggest printing pages with the factors you'd like to track to make entries easier. Or, you can get my psychic journal if it works for you.

Happy tracking!

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