Stop Devaluing Men

I'm all about the feminist sentiments that are taking center stage right now. It's IMPERATIVE we, as women, take a stand for our rights, equality, and well being. But there's a huge part of this movement that we're overlooking. We MUST stop devaluing the men in our lives. 

It doesn't matter in what capacity a man is present in your life, it's absolutely counterintuitive to play into the "men are inferior" story we're so comfortable perpetuating. Let me explain with an example. You go to a girls' night out. The conversation eventually centers on the guys. You hear and maybe even say things like, "he doesn't do the laundry," "he's a guy, he doesn't know what looks good," "he's babysitting, pray for him," "he's a guy, he can't explain how he feels." When we set these parameters, it's easy for men to fall into them. We tell them, make it okay, even expect men to fall short in matters of the heart, household chores, childcare, and many other circumstances we deem domestic or emotional.

Here's the problem. We want access to the same opportunities as our male counterparts, yet we carelessly further these stereotypes that men are somehow less developed and therefore not expected to be complete partners. Imagine you grow up being told that you'll never be emotionally developed or in tune, that you'll be a brute and will need to be taught how to be sensitive and gentle, that you are stupid and basic. But we don't stop there.

After these boys grow up into men, enter relationships, and begin families, we mercilessly fault them for being underdeveloped, incapable, insensitive, simple...

So here's what I propose, ladies. Let's lift up the men in our lives. Let's support them and encourage them to feel safe to express themselves and break the mold society has tried to birth them from.

It's a scary thing to step into a role you've been conditioned to believe is impossible for you. Let's respect our men as the sentient, capable, powerful beings they are and maybe, just maybe, they'll feel confident to live that truth. We'll see far less struggles in the workplace, in our relationships, and communities. Our journey for equality will be that much easier to attain. You feel me? Now, go love on a dude and continue our march for rights!